Yep, I hear you alright, why on earth would a biker be driving a car? It’s the very thing we try to steer clear of.  We want the ownership of the road, to feel the wind in our hair, the unrestrained freedom of movement and the ability to supercharge our powerful beast down the highways. So ask again, why would a biker need a car?

I’ve been a biker pretty much all my driving life. Since getting my very first CBT license at 16, I knew that a bike was the transport choice for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I did try the car thing.  I was bought driving lessons for my 17th birthday and I passed my test first time, so it’s not as though I didn’t know what I was doing, but driving around in a clapped out metal shell just didn’t do it for me.

4c7216bd3c39211b8e6a77ff8d2fced8_largeThroughout my late teens and pretty much all of my twenties, I was known for my love of bikes.  Even now I have ‘grown up’, I have quite a collection in my garage.  Ranging from my KTM 190 Adventure, which combines the sturdiness and fun factor of an off-road-biased bike into a compelling and highly rewarding dual-purpose machine that’s both fast and easy to ride, to my beloved Harley Davidson Superlow 1200T with it’s awesome 1200cc V-Twin engine. I’m in my mid thirties now and although bikes are still important to me, my life isn’t just about me anymore. I am now a happily married man with three beautiful children. Starting to understand why I might need a car? There is no way I can transport my family around by motorbike.  Absolutely impossible.  Even if someone invented a way to put on extra seats or some kind of attachment, there is no way on this earth my wife would ever let me put one of the kids on the back of one of my bikes, it just isn’t going to happen.

So here we hark back to the title of this article – what car would be best suited to a biker? Tricky right? For me, it’s all about the adventure when I’m on the road, so I want something I can actually enjoy and have fun with when I’m at the wheel. Oh, and of course I need to consider the small factors of how many passengers it can fit, safety, efficiency and the colour, well the wife thinks that’s a pretty important factor so I better keep her sweet!

Lease-CarI had absolutely no idea where to start, I literally know nothing about which cars are good these days, so I thought I’d ask some of my non-biker friends one night at the pub to see if they could offer any advice. My mate, Dan, suggested I think about leasing a car instead of buying it as the monthly payments can be surprisingly cheap on some of the more upmarket models.  I really liked that idea as it also meant I could change my car every 2-3 years, and wouldn’t feel too tied down, something I’ve always felt strongly about.  I had a look around and found a quality car leasing company,which  offered me the choice of hiring or leasing a car to suit my needs. I liked the idea of being able to hire a car for a week to try it out and then have the option of leasing it on a longer contract.

colorsSo what car did I end up choosing? The Jeep Renegade 1.6 Multijet Sport, sounds cool right? With it’s 4 door, 5 seats and a boot offering 351 litres of space with the seats up or 1297 litres with them folded down, it certainly ticked the box for family practicality. Along with 60, yes 60, safety features and an adaptive all wheel drive with settings for different surfaces meaning I could have fun off road with it, it ticked a further two boxes on my list. Finally, with an impressive option of 9 different bi-colour combinations, my wife was over the moon that she could have so much choice – in the end she opted for stylish black with chrome trims, which was the closest I think she could have got to making it look remotely like one of my bikes!

Have I been converted to a car driver?  Have I heck.  Once a biker, always a biker.  But I must admit, I am rather enjoying having the option to drive a car as well.  And it goes without saying that it is definitely more practical when it comes to loading up with a pushchair, shopping bags, toys, books, children and a wife.